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Below are links to examples of strategies, plans, analyses, reports, and other documents that I have created. Where possible I have redacted mention of current clients; examples with previous clients, as well as examples that are no longer active or references to information that is no longer sensitive, have generally been left as is.


Communications and Demand Generation Program Planning

I am actively involved in overall communications program planning for clients, especially as the importance of digital/social/mobile initiatives has grown over the last ten years. These are some high level program plans I have helped develop.


“CompanyX” 2011 Communications Plan (Communications Plan_REDACTED.pdf)

The proposed year-long plan the Account Director and I put together for a large professional services corporation. The focus was very much on D/S/M and a Content Marketing strategy designed to demonstrate their leadership and build demand for their services. 


Brightstar Corporation Communications Strategy (Brightstar-Positioning-Plan-Full-Strategy.pdf)

While at Fleishman Hillard, I participated in many positioning and communications planning sessions for various clients. As a PR agency, we were most concerned with building awareness and promoting engagement among influencers. This example shows the recommendations we put together for a $4BB wireless infrastructure services company. I was senior digital strategist for this client.


Career Education Corporation/American International University proposed communications plan (AIU-presentation.pdf)

I served as digital strategist during the development of this plan to help build awareness and new student enrollment at the for-profit AIU. I developed the technical infrastructure, directed the social media research, and mapped out the shared and owned media strategies.


Marketing Automation: Campaigns, Drip/Nurture Programs, Customer Communications 

Here are some examples of campaigns I helped develop related to customer communications and audience action program development. 


Building a Direct Relationship with Doctors: CRM Program (CRM-program-example.pdf)

This deck describes the high level strategy we recommended for a dental products manufacturer who was grappling with the need to connect with end-users while selling exclusively via distribution and channel partners.


DDS Dan Character Driven Campaign for TPH3 (DDS-Dan-presentation_REDACTED.pdf)

This campaign just won a Gold Tower Award for Best Integrated Marketing Communications Program. It combines advertising, online, video, social, and email marketing to drive an increase in product market share. 


Siemens “Crack the G-Code” Campaign (product-launch.pdf)

Siemens launched a new machine tool control unit based around an improved computer  code technology. We put together a campaign to launch the product at a major European manufacturing show. I worked with the creative team to develop an extensive online viral campaign based around a character-driven storyline involving a sinister conspiracy involving a shadowy figure and the market-dominant competitive manufacturer. That creative team subsequently departed ARENDS and established Centrifuge Brand Marketing, and with the permission of ARENDS has worked extensively with Siemens ever since. They also have created this case study which does a good job of showing the campaign and explaining results. I wore a lot of hats on this project, including digital strategist, IA/UX, digital project manager, social media campaign strategist and manager, copy writer for some web properties and email, and technical director.


Powers Online Water Tempering Valve Configurator (customer-conversion.pdf)

Powers had developed an online tool to help engineers specify plumbing components for large scale commercial water systems, particularly focused on a new tempering valve product. I worked with the same ARENDS agency team to develop this character-driven campaign anchored by a “jib-jab” animation. The associated website was also highly visual and interactive, intended to drive users to register for the online valve design tool featuring the new valve. That creative team which established Centrifuge Brand Marketing has created this case study. My role included digital strategy, website IA/UX, scriptwriter for the animated video, casting and recording the voice actors, and working with the editors on the sound design and final cut.


Demand Generation Strategies and Tactics

Target Audience Video Supporting Product Launch (View Video)

Our Marketing Communications team produced this video to highlight the importance of gate safety for property managers of gated communities, and to illustrate the LiftMaster Safety Accessories that were just launched. I wrote the original creative brief, helped write script, and oversaw production and editing.  


Social Media Community Strategy (BrandSquare_Strategy_PDF.pdf)

We manage BrandSquare,  a social community for branding and marketing professionals. Over the years, usage has flattened and new membership growth has stalled. We put together a study examining web communities, and recommendations for growth and evolution of BrandSquare. This document summarizes the results of our discovery and our recommendation for the evolution of the program.


Social Media Audit and Program Recommendations (Social_Audit_example.pdf)

This is the report we put together documenting the results of a comprehensive audit of the social media activity involving endodontists, along with recommendations as to how our client could take advantage of opportunities and craft a viable program. The client opted to take their program internal. I provided the overall social media strategy, directed research, and built the report and presentation.


Trade Show Audience Generation Campaign 

This is a report that details the results of a campaign I helped devise and launch that was intended to support a client’s presence at an important industry conference and show. In this case, CompanyA is an operating business unit within our overall client CompanyX and they provide shopper marketing services and retail business consulting. The Private Brand Movement conference is an important venue for them and we developed this initiative to generate pre-show interest, maximize participation at their expo table and at the speaking event their Key Opinion Leader was hosting, and generate follow after the conference. (Again, copy has been redacted but obviously could not remove graphics that contain client logos.)


Social Media Operating Guidelines (FINAL-Facebook-Playbook-10.28.10.pdf)

My team at Fleishman Hillard and I worked with Leeann Fecho in the Follett Higher Education Group to develop a program to help their store managers roll out a brand-consistent Facebook presence and to leverage social media for business gain. This is the operating playbook that we drafted.


Search Engine Optimization Keyword Recommendations (SEO-keywords-presentation-REDACTED.pdf)

This is a pretty simple deck but it shows how I present Search Engine Optimization recommendations (organic, website-focused as opposed to Pay-Per-Click) and explain some of the tactical ways we optimize a site for search engines.


Website Strategy, Planning, Design, and Development

I have extensive experience with website and web application design and development. I have personally led many large website redesign efforts and at different times have filled every digital team role (strategy, planning, information architecture, user experience, and project management) leading up to the actual design, copywriting, and programming. Here are examples showing the different elements one would encounter in consolidating web properties, repositioning the brand, and activating the full capabilities of interactive marketing.


Website Analysis (REDACTED_website_analysis_generic.pdf)

This is an example of a thorough review of current website use, to help identify useful analytic data that can provide insight towards iterative improvements. Analytics is an important part of website operation and also provides valuable guidance towards new site planning: current use patterns identify what is important to the audience and shows where new content and structure needs to be oriented.


Example of Analytics Dashboard (caulk-august.pdf)

This presents monthly site traffic information in a user-friendly, chart/graph-oriented scorecard or dashboard format. In addition to the raw site metrics, we also include analysis to call out the important details and provide explanation for unusual metrics. I designed this format and chose the key performance data; I also write the monthly analysis. This information is from dental  product microsites we developed and host.


Heuristic Review (Heuristic_review_REDACTED.pdf)

An important part of any web redesign process is a thorough understanding of the usability strengths and weaknesses of the current web properties. We need to understand, from a structural best practices perspective, what works and what doesn’t in order to maintain the former and avoid the latter in the new website. This document illustrates my approach to a high-level usability study for an industrial manufacturing client.


Definition Documentation (Definition_document_REDACTED.pdf)

The initial phase of any application development project involves conducting discovery and evaluation of the business surrounding the web need and a careful definition of goals, objectives, audience, insights, and specified needs. I typically deliver the summary version of that definition as a PowerPoint presentation and sometimes, where there is a great amount of detail, also as a comprehensive Word doc. This presentation is an example of what I provided an industrial manufacturing client.


IA/UX Documentation (Website_wireframes_example.pdf)

The initial stages of design involve mapping out the information architecture and structure of the site, as well as documenting the planned user experience. This example shows a site map and initial wireframe diagrams that identify template, content and interaction for each page type, and other functionality that impacts the user’s interaction with the site. In this project, I created the digital strategy and roughed out the initial site structure and page wireframes; our junior UX person then executed these finished diagrams. This shows a website for our client Schawk that is no longer active. 


Mobile Optimized UX (Mobile_wireframes_example.pdf)

Mobile presents a different challenge, both in terms of the size and anticipated bandwidth restrictions and the use of touch screen technology. This shows an example of wireframes for a mobile-optimized site that we did for the Business Marketing Association of Chicago, a longtime partner of the agency. In this project, I created the digital strategy and roughed out the initial site structure and page wireframes; our junior UX person then executed these finished diagrams.


Managing Internal and External Partners

Identify key external partners and establish productive working relationships with internal web development and IT partners to ensure the creation and maintenance of an optimal web ecosystem. 


Internal “Selling Social Media” Presentation to Agency (Selling_Social_Media.pdf)

This was a presentation I made to the account team when we launched our B2B social media practice. The goal was to educate them about the potential of social media for our client base, and describe the offering we provided so they could bring it to their clients.


Internal “Demand Generation” Presentation to Agency (LL-Demand_Generation.pdf)

An internal Lunch & Learn presentation made to the agency with high level discussion of the term “demand generation” and what it means to the marketplace and our customers, and how we as an agency can provide DG services.


IT partners (SMG-Hosting-Services_Overview.pdf)

I have extensive experience working directly with IT and systems professionals in a variety of capacities. I have managed the hosting infrastructure for Technotribe Communications and for Symmetri Marketing Group; I also have routinely directed the technical discovery portion of website planning, to identify server technology and document requirements as a part of planning for new sites. Helping to translate between Marketing and IT is a core requirement for the digital strategist. Attached is a summary of our hosting capabilities, which I manage through several different provider partnerships; I also have a network of technical contractors that I can tap for specific support or potential project partnership. 


E-commerce and Product Database Websites

I have worked on the database design, ecommerce implementation, or other database-driven applications for many clients. Here are a few active examples of sites that are structured around use cases involving product search, identification, and in some cases online purchase.


Thought Leadership 


I have maintained e-Motes, a professional blog focused on interactive B2B marketing, for over six years now. I also launched my current agency blog two years ago to provide a forum for demonstrating our thinking and expertise. Here are links to posts that I have written which address important topics or provide considered thinking about problems we face in the B2B marketing world.

“The New Rules of B2B Demand Generation”


“Why You Need Mobile Optimization”


“Capturing the Lurkers: Why Engagement May Not Be All It’s Cracked Up to Be”


EU Cookies Regulation position paper (Cookies_law_SMG_position_rev.pdf)

When the European Union passed their resolution requiring websites to comply with stringent cookie disclosure regulations, many of our international clients were not sure what to do. I drafted this position paper to educate the account team and our clients about industry opinions and best practices regarding the new law and how best to respond. Several clients expressed their appreciation and confided that they used our reasoning as a basis to go to their corporate parents to help develop a company-wide policy.


Interactive B2B Marketing Presentation 
(on SlideShare at

I was invited to present on interactive B2B marketing to the Marketing and Advertising Global Network annual conference, October 2008 in Jacksonville, Florida, when I was Director of Interactive Initiatives at ARENDS. Those were simpler times, as evidenced by my first slide, exhorting the Cubs in the Major League Baseball playoffs of that year.

Below are links to examples of strategies, plans, analyses, reports, and other documents that I have created. Where possible I have redacted mention of current clients; examples with previous clients, as well as examples that are no longer active or references to information that is no longer sensitive, have generally been left as is.