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Demand Generation


“What most B2B marketers overlook is that the experience the Buyer wants as a customer is as important in the purchase decision as the capabilities of the product or service. If CMOs want to drive growth, they need to engage with the Buyer on their terms…solving the riddle requires a new mindset, one that is rooted in aligning to the Buyers’ Journey.”
--Christine Crandall, Forbes


Understanding the customer audience is the key to a successful demand generation program. Knowing the touchpoints at which buyers and influencers interact with your brand is a foundational part of connecting with them and intersecting with their needs. We make the buyer journey a cornerstone of our approach, shaping our tactical planning to align the brand strategy with the needs of the audience. All of the digital/social/mobile channels are considered and can come into play for any given audience: website, email, social media, mobile apps, display advertising, CRM programs, education and training, trade shows and conferences, and ecommerce functionality can all play a part in building that brand relationship.

 I worked with the account team at Fleishman Hillard to plan the digital elements of this comprehensive strategy, including a website content platform, social media research and channel planning, Search Engine Marketing, email, and live event support.


"Things have certainly changed for B2B marketers. The advent of the Internet and all the associated sociological and technological revolutions, coupled with the severe economic downturn of the last few years, have significantly altered the way industrial brands sell their products. The old ways of doing business are increasingly outmoded. Advances in digital/social/mobile space along with reductions in budget, bandwidth and body count have ushered in a new era.

The modern marketer needs to be savvy in the ways that Demand Generation can be used to connect with qualified buyers: dynamic websites, SEM, email, analytics, display advertising and social media. Expense account lunches, golf outings and trade show parties don’t cut it anymore."