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Digital Strategy and Planning

It is critical for almost every B2B brand to have a Digital Strategy. There are so many touchpoints today with which prospective customers can enage with your brand: web, mobile, social media, email, sales rep activity, print advertising, and email are just the most obvious. Everything must be mapped against business goals and tactical objectives.

With today's budgetary realities, we have to be efficient and effective, so all channels must be considered, aligned, and managed with precision.

I helped develop a comprehensive strategy for Sonix Corporation, which included a new website, search engine marketing, display advertising, and analytics.


...whereas in the past the individual relationship between a sales representative and one key deciding client was most important, today it is equally important that there be a positive brand relationship between end user and the provider, one that is primarily nurtured online or via social channels. Because access to information is expected 24/7/365, the end user must be as comfortable with website resources and online functionality as he is with his sales engineer..."