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Content Strategy and Development

Planning content is a critical elements of any communications effort, and on the web it takes on an added urgency. Creating the right User Experience is key to achieving site goals and visitor conversions, and for the B2B audience, the right content is critical. 

Content strategy crosses media channels and encompasses every touchpoint. The longer timeframes of the B2B buying cycle necessitate a careful consideration of every contact options between buyers and brand. Also, the B2B purchase decision rarely rests in the hands of one individual; rather, there are multiple stakeholders and influencers who participate in buying considerations. The most effective content strategies will connect with these multiple audiences and sustain messaging and brand POV over every touchpoint.

I am especially familiar with content strategy for engineered industrial products such as the miniature motors made by Portescap. I planned the content and mapped out relational data structures for their new website.

I am an experienced writer who specializes in technical and marketing communications within the interactive channel. With over 15 years experience, I am a quick and thorough learner and can step into the role of content champion in a short period of time.

I have experience with the following tactical communication types:

  • web page content planning and copy development
  • film/video scriptwriting, to include training, general eduction, and advertising pieces with both comedic or straight tone
  • white papers and technical articles
  • press releases


"How does your client’s sales force sell?...they engage differently with prospective customers depending on their stage in the buying cycle. A brand new prospect is not given the same kind of information or attention as a decision maker who is working up his final cut list...the website can support this process with content specifically targeted at these customer groups and their stage-specific concerns. It is best when the customer target audience can be segmented as finely as possible, for example not only by industry but by role within the company, geography, sub-specialty, etc."