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I know a lot about digital stuff. Not to sound immodest, but I do.

I understand how people use the web and social media and smartphones and the iPad and the television and the elevator. Which is where they all get information in today’s connected world.

I especially understand how people react to brands in the connected world, how they process information and how they talk to their friends and what kinds of things resonate with them, and what don’t.

I know how to tell stories.

I know how to use video to tell stories really well, across all media. 

I know about the potential of technology. I am not a programmer but I understand the ways to harness the ever-evolving technical alphabet soup of LAMP and AJAX and PHP and ASP and Flash and JavaScript and SQL and all the rest in order to tell really good stories and connect you with your customers.

I know about Business to Business marketing. I am especially interested in using social media and interactive strategies to support B2B companies and to figure out ways to help generate and nurture leads, support sales teams, build customer relationships, show product and service innovation, and demonstrate industry leadership. Oh and manage distribution channel partners too.

I know about Healthcare. I understand the challenges of marketing in a deeply conservative, highly regulated industry. I love trying to reach physicians and make them smarter about treatment options. I hold dearly the responsibility of educating patients and caregivers about disease and helping them understand the choices they must make.

I know about Financial Communications. The analyst and investor communities were early converts to the power of the internet and the value of social media, despite being in a highly regulated and innately cautious field. I understand the ways we can leverage Connected Media to allow contact with influential voices as well as to listen for problems and manage issues that might otherwise surprise us. 

I know about leading teams. I know about navigating the bureaucracy of a large agency. I get the importance of reporting and forecasting, of developing new business and managing people’s times. I consider the development of junior talent to be a sacred calling and a core responsibility in any role.

I know about a lot of other stuff, like search engine optimization, and user experience design, and content planning, and information architecture, and web analytics, and social media management systems, and application development, and social media measurement and ROI calculation. Give me a ring, we can talk about it all.

Where have I worked?

Most recently, at Symmetri Marketing Group in Chicago as VP in charge of the digital/social team. We've built a lot of websites, web applications, iPad and mobile applications, CRM strategies, B2B social media programs, email campaigns, Search Engine Marketing programs, and just about anything else in the digital/social/mobile toolbox. Clients include one of the largest dental manufacturing conglomerates in the world (DENTSPLY Corporation), a large branding and marketing services firm (Schawk), several divisions within the large industrial corporations of Emerson, Danaher, and Dover; and many other B2B companies.

Before that, at Fleishman-Hillard in Chicago as SVP in the digital group. This means I built web sites and planned social media programs and devised communications strategies for lots of clients.

Built a big web site for Solo Cup Company.

Devised social media strategy for  Brightstar Corp, a key player in the wireless ecosystem.

I helped the National Restaurant Association think about their brand representation in the digital space and worked on effective messaging in social media and interactive.

I helped Follett Higher Education Group figure out a strategy for rolling out Facebook pages to their 800 college bookstores. The team and I crafted a Playbook for their store managers to educate them about the nuts and bolts of social media and coach them to its effective use. We also created a training deck and helped stage a webinar to go through the Playbook and get the first 70 or so stores underway with Facebook.

Before that, I created the Director of Interactive Initiatives position at ARENDS, a marketing agency in the Chicago suburbs. We did great stuff for Siemens, Miner Enterprises, SunCast, SleepQuest, and other excellent companies. I was recruited by the owner, John Arends, and was happy to join the team.

Coolest thing was a huge web-based interactive storyline all about the launch of the newest Siemens CNC controller, specially designed for the job shop market, which included story-featured web sites, social media channels, and 12 videos released in serial format. This all led up to the product launch at the largest manufacturing technology trade show in Europe. We also got the client to act in a supporting role throughout the video series, which he really enjoyed. His boss loved it too. 

Put together a year-long communications plan for a company that provides sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment services called SleepQuest. The founder was so passionate about sleep health, it was a privilege to help tell his story. I developed a “constant drumbeat” strategy, wrote press releases, helped them restructure and redesign their web site, worked with the team to create print advertisements and direct mail, and produced an e-detailing presentation about their services which helped generate dozens of new leads and connected with over 100 healthcare practitioners.

Siren Interactive is an agency that develops interactive healthcare communications focused around rare diseases. I was very happy to spend six months there before I was recruited to ARENDS, because I learned a lot about dealing with the FDA, and how to message to physicians and other healthcare providers, and about the extraordinarily conservative culture one finds in most pharmaceutical companies. We did good work for Abbott Diagnostics and various Baxter divisions as well as some organizations affiliated with the AMA. We put together an absolutely kick-ass animated treatment for Takeda as a proposal for their diabetes therapy Actos, but they didn’t bite.

Prior to that I had the great privilege of working with the complete professionals in Technotribe Communications, a virtual company focused on developing interactive marketing communications for clients ranging from DeVry University to Hoerbiger-Origa, manufacturer of industrial automation components. Learned a lot about building web sites, developing database-driven web applications, managing servers, search engine optimization, email marketing, web analytics, and other interactive communications.

And earlier in my professional life, I worked in film and video production and post production. I have used my schooling and training many times to produce corporate video projects for various agency and independent clients at every imaginable budget level, from the fly-around-the-country-with-camera-crews-and-edit-in-post-facility size to the use-a-flip-cam-and-finish-by-yourself-with-Final-Cut level.

A quick note about the US Navy: I have a lot of respect for it as an operating business. Having spent four years as a Naval Officer I can personally attest to its quality of leadership training, organizational preparedness, and dedication to the highest possible quality of effort in every endeavor. Whatever I have learned about leading teams and managing people has been from my Navy experience. On a related note, I confess to fondness for the Army and Marines and Coast Guard...and even the Air Force. 

All this CV blather is intended to show you that, with the breadth and range of my experience, I can bring a lot to any table. A lot of insight, a lot of creativity, and a lot of dedication. I know a lot about a lot of stuff, and I know I can help your business.